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Tranquility in Business is about balance and being the best in your field to serve your audience...

Freedom In Choices

Working with a Mentor can lead to developing real progress, sustainable happiness and personal growth that challenge old beliefs, habits, and patterns that no longer serve you. THE POWER OF YOU is available!  Work with me on personal or professional business goals...I'm here to make a difference! With a track record to prove it!

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Business Intervention Strategy

Serving Entrepreneurs in small, mid and global businesses is more than a career, it's a calling. At times, that calling can have an adverse effect on personal power, mental health and even physical well-being. The worry, stress and anxiety can build up to be unbearable at times, both physically and mentally for some business owners and TEAMS of people within a company. 

With our services, an effective business intervention plan is applied through personalized professional strategy consulting and business development. This is a modality developed primarily for Entrepreneurs with a global vision and makes sense for every 1st time business entrepreneur. 

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Developing Strategies to Work Effectively...
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Building Business

Creating, managing, partnering and supporting TEAMS of International business owners, I understand the importance in having mentorship, expert advice and guidance with professional people who are trustworthy and relate to the vision at stake. At Rapid Trainers, we stand on integrity in everything we do, from our communication to our actions. Learn More about Rapid Trainers: ClicK Here

Vision To help Leaders and Industries develop excellent projects, products and services for the betterment of humanity and society.

MissionTo be the Global Leader in Project Management and Consulting, creating systems that stand the test of time.

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Life is about Living, Experience the Journey....

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As an Indian American entrepreneur, I am a Project Manager & Consultant, Int’l Transformation & Sustainable Development Strategist and business acceleration specialist. Helping communities with a lack of resources is a common thread within my projects. A source of inspiration is envisioning relief and assistance to people in the most isolated and untended environments. To achieve my goal of assisting with global development and give access to resources to deprived communities, I founded Rapid Trainers International.  Headquartered in Chicago Illinois, U.S.A. Rapid Trainers stands as the Chief Executive Officer while maintaining a hands-on approach in delivering our vision to our clients. This site, Coaching By Sima, will give you more information about me and houses some of my professional portfolios.

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