Coaching Styles

Coaching Styles

Personal coaching style is balanced between a variety of approaches. A Coaching Objective is to Empower others to harness their talents towards fulfillment in each and every area of their lives.  

My Personal Coaching Stlye is determined by #1. The Program Designed for the Client #2. The Progress of the Client #3. The Goals of The Client

Listed Below Are Some Coaching Styles


Primary objective of providing long-term direction and vision for others.  Empowering people to see their next most radiant self. To be empowered with their true talents and to further their lives by serving others in the areas of their expertise. 


Primary objective of creating harmony among the all areas in the life of a client. To affiliate all areas in order to create harmony in most cases, The Affiliative Style is a matter of tweaking 3-4 areas where possible actions can be taken in a persons life. This creates a chain reaction of good things in all the areas of that persons life. 


Primary objective of building commitment and consensus among others. Leading by example and directing clients to stretch themselves.  In most cases where clients have a very strong and dominant "ego" the client may experience high levels of deep awareness where 1 of 2 or both reactions can occur: This includes #1. Weeping or #2. Raging

Reactions at the level of weeping and raging are sensitive and often times, the clients themselves will find a way to cope with their own discover through higher levels of self-care and discipline. 


Primary objective of accomplishing tasks to a high standard of excellence.  Supporting clients in being integrity mindful and in integrity with their word, both to themselves and to others.


With Coaching, the coach positions themselves to serve the client. This is a combination of various "styles" and encompasses a lot more than what is listed here.

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