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Multi-Talented Coach and
Business Development Specialist
Speaker - Coach - Trainer - Presenter
Life Experience can equal the ability to teach others. While true Wisdom is just that..teaching others...but also Mastering the 4-steps prior to teaching others. 


The 1st step to the acquisition of wisdom is SILENCE, the 2nd is LISTENING, the 3rd is MEMORY, the 4th is PRACTICE and the 5th is TEACHING OTHERS. 

Wisdom is the inner self seeking truth, goodness, peace and Love. Having fought my own battles, I do understand what perseverance, struggle, failure, and even regret is all about. But, one thing I have learned from all of that, is that I had to know where the pain in my life came from in order to appreciate the goodness. 

Get More Out Of LIFE

Like so many other Leaders, I discovered that in order to be great, I had to turn away from my own pain, and start focusing on the pleasure of life.  Once I started doing that, life started expanding positively around me. All I see now in my life is goodness, opportunities for growth and success. I believe that perception is the key to having a healthy mindset and fulfilled life. It all starts with wanting to get more out of life and daily experiences. 

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Personally, I find that being in any creative field is rewarding. Getting to work with a variety of different people from all walks of life has grounded me in humility and strengthened me to press forward for causes that I believe in.  I believe that there is  something wonderful waiting people who seek to find it. That "it" might be peace of mind, strength in finances, Love and a warm relationship, or simply more friends and experiences to enjoy in ones daily life.  

Life to me is gift and I cherish it every moment. My friends would say that I am someone who creates new possibilities in every environment.  I always want to give back to others and teach lessons that I have learned along the way.  When given opportunities, I move towards them and take hold of the many possibilities that I can create to raise higher, while helping others. 


I am a decisive person who follows through on my commitments. I welcome change, new ideas and concepts into my knowing. Making time for each new task, obligation, priority and commitment, there is still room for fun, adventure, exploration and "Me-Time" each day. My goal in this world is to be the very best that I can be in everything that I set my sights on accomplishing in this world. 

Although I can speak about any subject, I especially enjoy the following:  
Training & Speaking Presentations:
* Leadership For Success In Business
* Building Effective TEAMS & Collaboration
* Branding & Marketing Strategies
* Networking For Leverage 
* Branding & Recreating Yourself
* Mindset & Closing Deals
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