Personalized Mentorship

Experiencing in Coaching comes in many different forms by working with clients according to their learning ability: 
Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing & Kinesthetic
* Auditory Learner: Prefer to hear information, rather than reading it or seeing it displayed visually. Auditory learners like to recite information out loud to remember it. Didactic conversation here in coaching is used to reinforce information and create good habits.

* Education (Reading / Writing) Learner: Based on learning through reading, research, classroom teaching, taking tests, and absorbing concepts through understanding. Here, reading and writing - interacting with text is more powerful than hearing or seeing images. Written work in coaching gives the client a chance to write down what they have learned. Handouts along with coaching is used to reinforce learning and pivoting areas to create balance and harmony. 

* Kinesthetic AKA Experiential Learner: Learning by doing is different than learning from a book. In a book, someone can read about a lesson, in Experiential Learning, an action is taken in order to learn the lesson. The teaching comes from the human experience. 

* Visual Learner: Prefer to see information and learn and visualize the relationship between ideas.  Here coaching involves showing charts, and graphics, making presentations visual and showing relationships between various points. 

Experience Defined: Familiarity with a skill or field of knowledge acquired over months or years of actual practice and which, presumably, has resulted in superior understanding or Mastery.

Being Coached and being a Coach is very different, although one can have to do with the other. Over the years I have acquired a wealth of experience and had the honor of working with the best coaches around the world. In addition to being Coached and Mentored, I have also had an opportunity to give back and serve others. In any given dialogue or coaching opportunity, it is essential to keep the intention, goal and human experience in mind. With this said, there is a combination of techniques, and skills that goes into Coaching one person. Therefore, I hope that some of this written information on my background will give you a better understanding of what I know. But remember, it is the conversation that makes the best determination. So, I welcome a time to speak with you personally. 
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